Success Has Great Taste

Ultra-Premium Rum to Celebrate All of Life’s Victories


Most companies want to tell you about their story. To us, you are far more important. Your story is where Kavana starts. You have worked hard for what you have achieved. Whether that's the new job, the latest acquisition, the 'yes' she gave you when you gave her a ring, or even getting through the day and getting the kids to bed without pulling your hair out, you have something to celebrate.

As a matter of fact, we think life is meant to be celebrated. That's where our name comes from. Kavana means "with purpose; fullness of meaning".

What you put into your life, what you celebrate in your success, we put into our rums. We like to say our rum is best paired with life; Kavana, success has great taste.


We start with the best sugars, and then double distill the rum. That’s right, not single distilled like that rum on spring break your bartender convinced you was ‘top shelf’ when you were convincing them you were really 21, but double-distilled like the rum the men on the top floor drink.

Yeah, anyone can get top shelf. You are after more. You are top floor. This creates a bold base that is so smooth that the rum becomes ‘sip-able’. We then add the finest of flavorings at the most opportune time in the creation process, thus creating a rum unlike all others.

For too long one of the finest liquors - rum - has been dominated by pirates, parrots, and coconuts. Kavana brings rum back to its rightful place, the beverage of the highest caliber for the most sophisticated taste.

Sophisticated Rum

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